JT Daniels reunites with failed USC offensive coordinator at new transfer destination

JT Daniels, USC Football, USC Trojans
JT Daniels, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-USC Football QB JT Daniels has finally found a new home, and USC fans won't believe it when they remember who his new offensive coordinator is about to be. Daniels is off to West Virginia, where Graham Harrell will be his OC.

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Daniels will likely start there, but he may end up being ruined by his former and current offensive coordinator. Harrell was the offensive coordinator for USC from 2019-2021, and did an embarrassing job. He started off strong, but defenses caught on to his offense very quickly.

He was very impressive together with Daniels when he was healthy for the first half of the first game of the 2019 season, so there's at least potential here. The issue is, Harrell also looked dangerous with Kedon Slovis when they were together at first, and regressed drastically as the seasons went by.

Hopefully JT will be ready for the draft after just one year, because Harrell has proven that he can't sustain his same level of success in back-to-back seasons. Harrell is one of the biggest reasons USC didn't win the Pac-12 in 2020, and looked like he was trying to ruin Slovis in 2021.

Former USC QB JT Daniels brings tons and tons of talent to West Virginia.

When JT Daniels was with USC football, he was constantly let down by terrible coaches. Tee Martin and Clay Helton's offense had absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. The next year, however, he started hot in the first game--throwing for 215 yards and a touchdown while completing 73.5% of his passes.

He got hurt, however, and missed the second half. He then ended up unfortunately missing the rest of the year. Transferring to Georgia, JT looked deadly when he got back from injury, completing 67.2% of his passes in four games for Georgia after he recovered from his injury in 2020 and threw for 1,231 yards with 10 touchdowns and just two picks.

In 2021, he got injured again, and while he recovered, the team just decided to stick with backup QB Stetson Bennett because they were undefeated. While Daniels was on the field in 2021, however, he completed 72.3% of his throws for 722 yards and tossed seven touchdowns to just three picks in five games (three starts).

Daniels is a great quarterback. It's just unfortunate that he may not be able to show it with an offensive coordinator who doesn't quite know what he is doing. Word has come out that he didn't even work on the red zone in practice. He's a terrible play designed and play caller in the red zone and short yardage situations in general.

Tight ends and tackles constantly looked lost in their blocking assignments in those situations, and whenever he would run the ball (red zone or not), it was painfully obvious which side he was running it to. He had no basis behind his play calling in general, and eventually appeared to resort to having his offense play backyard football with no open pass-catchers ever being schemed open.

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His offense is very plain, and it got to the point where one of his running backs at SC even joked about the backs not even needing to know what the plays were, as they were to run a swing route on every play anyways. Hopefully JT balls and can overcome the man running the WV offense, who is lucky to continue being handed ultra-talented QBs in these last four years.