USC Football QB reveals how sorry Graham Harrell's offense was

Miller Moss, USC Football, USC Trojans
Miller Moss, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Recently after USC football spring practice, USC backup QB Miller Moss was asked about Lincoln Riley's red zone offense, as SC really struggled in the red zone last year under Graham Harrell. Moss ended up spilling the beans on some information about how Harrell used to run things that SC fans won't even be surprised about:

"I mean, we actually work on red zone, so that's helpful. And we've installed for red zone, we have different packages and things like that. We really work on that, because obviously as you guys know and as you've seen over the course of the past year, that stuff wins and loses you games. So I'm definitely happy with that."

Miller Moss, USC QB

"We actually work on red zone." Amazing. So Harrell didn't even bother simply WORKING ON RED ZONE. Again, USC fans really wish they were surprised by this.

Remember all the times USC ran weird fourth and short plays in the red zone or at the goal line and embarrassed themselves? Those shotgun runs up the middle with the tight ends looking lost in their blocking assignments? The refusal to go under center? The refusal to let Kedon Slovis run an option? It all makes perfect sense now. The team looked lost because they were. The coaches didn't even work on this stuff in practice.

Miller Moss will want to stay with USC football now that he can develop without starting.

A big question surrounding the future of the USC football program has been whether Miller Moss will want to stay or not, now that SC just brought in Caleb Williams and will have Malachi Nelson coming in for next year's recruiting class. Moss now knows, however, that he can actually develop without starting now that the team actually practices important aspects of the game.

Nobody is developing from the bench under Harrell, who apparently didn't even work on SC's No. 1 weakness in practice. Now with Riley running the show, Moss has the chance to fulfill his long-term dreams even if he ends up never starting at USC. He should start his senior year after Williams leaves, but even if Nelson kills it and Moss is a backup again, he can still improve without seeing the field.

It's not preferable to sit, but look at what happened the last time SC had a coach who knew how to run a practice. The backup QB to his National Championship teams was Matt Cassel, who ended up getting drafted despite not even starting a single game. To top it all off, he ended up actually having a better NFL career than the QB he sat behind at SC in Matt Leinart. These things happen, and Moss likely sees that now. It may not be fun to backup someone else right now, but long-term, it's the right move for Moss.

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He has the top QB guru coaching him now in Riley instead of a coach who ran arguably the worst offense in USC history in Harrell. This is exactly the news that Trojans fans wanted to hear about this staff. Growing up a Trojan fan himself, it's nice to know that Moss is now playing for the type of USC program he dreamed of playing for as a kid instead of whatever it was last year.