Hand the Heisman Trophy to USC Football QB Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football QB Caleb Williams proved that he is undoubtedly the best player in college football this season in his road win against No. 16 UCLA on Saturday. The knock on Williams, according to his idiotic doubters, is that he has played a cupcake schedule.

So while the other Heisman contenders have FCS schools on the schedule, it's actually Williams who is only playing well because he hasn't played anyone. Everyone also looked past his game-winning drive and touchdown toss against No. 23 Oregon State, but again, it's not surprising. Everyone's been looking past Williams for no reason all year.

Williams now has multiple top 25 wins on his resume, though, along with all the other lines that he's accumulated on that resume all season. He's now got USC at 10-1, 11 games after he showed up. He showed up after the Trojans went 4-8 last year, in what was the worst season in program history. The level he's elevated this program to in just 11 games says it all.

10 wins is already exceeding expectations for this program in Year 1 with a new head coach, and interestingly, there's still three games left. Those three are one regular season game this coming Saturday (Notre Dame), the PAC-12 Championship Game (which he clinched his spot in with his win on Saturday), and a Bowl Game afterwards (which he clinched five games ago).

USC Football QB Caleb Williams had over 500 total yards (502) against UCLA, which was the biggest game of the year.

Caleb Williams completed a beautiful 32 out of 43 passes, and for 470 passing yards. That's 10.9 yards per pass attempt. He also ran for 33 rushing yards on eight carries. That's 4.1 yards per rush attempt. He had a rushing touchdown as well, and two passing touchdowns. He turned it over just once all game.

To show up like that in the biggest game of the season absolutely proves that he has quite an "it factor," and performs at elite levels no matter the competition. He's towards the top in all of the important QB stats. Here's a stats breakdown of where Williams is at this year and where he ranks among the Power 5:

--33 passing TDs (third)

--3,480 passing yards (fourth)

--10.4 adjusted yards per pass attempt (fifth)

--9 yards per pass attempt (sixth)

--167.6 passing efficiency rating (sixth)

--3 interceptions (eighth-fewest)

--250 completions (ninth)

--7 rushing touchdowns (10th)

Again, to be towards the top statistically like this after inheriting a 4-8 team that was the worst team USC's ever seen speaks volumes. It's the first year with a new head coach at SC. Shouldn't there be growing pains? There at least should now that his starting running back got hurt two games ago and went out for the year, right? Well, Williams certainly hasn't shown it.

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Nobody else means more to their team than what Williams means to the Trojans. He's got Heisman-level numbers of course, too. He does it when he has the chance to play good teams, too. In fact, every good team he's played this year has been on the road, too. He rises to challenges, in addition to being an elite performer overall. He needs to be the Heisman Trophy winner at this point.