FOX CFB Analyst/OU fan whiffs when trying to flame USC football fans

Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans
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FOX College Football Analyst RJ Young recently took to Twitter to try to call out USC football and their fanbase by mentioning that Kansas football sold out a game before USC did this year.

He is an Oklahoma fan, so this is no surprise. Oklahoma fans have been angry at USC ever since Lincoln Riley headed to Los Angeles in favor of the SC program over Oklahoma. To make matters worse for them, Caleb Williams, Mario Williams, and Latrell McCutchin of course all did the same.

It even got to the point where Oklahoma Senator Bill Coleman proposed a bill to name the last three inches of the highway in Oklahoma before one can head west to California; "Lincoln Riley Highway" to try to spite Riley.

The most delusional part of Young's tweet is obvious. Kansas' David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium only holds 47,233 fans. USC's LA Memorial Coliseum holds 77,500. Kansas has over 30,000(!) less seats to fill. It's one of the most misleading tweets he could have made. Sure enough, this was called out on Twitter.

USC Football Head Coach Lincoln Riley apparently still lives rent free in the state of Oklahoma.

As Jonathan Rifkind pointed out, USC football's AVERAGE attendance is higher than KU's sellout, not even the Trojans' highest. Young is cherry-picking quite a bit here. But this is expected. In case one has been living under a rock, OU fans swore all offseason long about how Lincoln Riley is actually a poor coach who just inherited a great program with the Sooners.

Obviously, that was already proven false before this season even started. The first three years of the College Football Playoff era were the last three years of Bob Stoops' reign at Oklahoma before Riley took over. They made the Playoff just once, and even finished a season unranked. They never finished inside the top four in the final poll, and missed the Playoff during Stoops' last year.

In the next three years, however, Riley took over and made the Playoff every single season. He finished inside the top four twice. Oklahoma won just three Big 12 titles in the five years before Riley was their head coach. In Riley's five years as head coach over at OU, they won the Big 12 four times.

They finished in the top 10 every single year under Riley. They only finished in the top 10 three times in the five years prior to Riley taking over. And then this year, Riley continued to prove these doubters wrong, starting the season off 3-0 with a No. 7 ranking in the nation at the time of Young's comments. Keep in mind that he inherited a 4-8(!) team from last year. Clearly, he knows how to build his own program.

Interestingly, though, it wasn't just Riley who OU fans said was overrated and would be lousy for the USC program. They also sent relentless hate Caleb's way, too. Caleb has most certainly proven to be the real deal, however, sparking college football analysts to already call for his Heisman Trophy.

Through three weeks, Caleb completed 74.4% of his passes for 10.2 yards per attempt and 12 adjusted yards per pass attempt. Those numbers are much better than what they were in Norman, as Caleb completed 64.5% of his passes for 9.1 yards an attempt and 10.2 adjusted yards per pass attempt last season.

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This season for USC was not going the way Young expected it to for USC, so of course he was going to try to take his frustration out on Twitter over a hasty generalization that completely ignores the reality of the situation. While it is awesome for KU that they sold out a game, selling out a Jayhawk game is WILDLY different than selling out a USC game.