Ex-USC Trojans HC Lane Kiffin wins Twitter again with hysterical nod to Lincoln Riley

Sep 1, 2018; Norman, OK, USA; Lincoln Riley, Lane Kiffin, USC Football
Sep 1, 2018; Norman, OK, USA; Lincoln Riley, Lane Kiffin, USC Football / Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-USC Football Head Coach Lane Kiffin dubbed himself the "Portal King" earlier in the offseason when he grabbed ex-USC QB Jaxson Dart (five star transfer) and ex-USC TE Michael Trigg (four star transfer) out of the transfer portal. He owns the top ranked transfer portal class in the country.

Many, however, consider current USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley the "Portal King" due to his ability to flip this USC roster from rags to riches, and acquire the No. 1 transfer in the country (QB Caleb Williams) who is also the most anticipated college football transfer of all-time.

Recently, Kiffin posted a "Portal King" Lane Kiffin hoodie that was gifted to him, and made a hilarious comment about how the hoodie may actually belong to Riley:

Both former USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin and current USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley are masters of the transfer portal.

The best part about this is that the race for transfers isn't even over, as both Lincoln Riley and Lane Kiffin should have their chances to improve their squads after spring ball is over. Riley has already made it clear that he is nowhere near done bringing in transfers.

Kiffin will have his chance too. Savvy college football fans know that many transfers happen, and are going to happen, after spring ball. A lot of players are going to go through spring not liking their fit at whichever school they're at. There could even be transfers leaving USC and Ole Miss, giving Riley and Kiffin more reason and drive to pick up more transfers.

Riley has been doing this for a while, as he showed just how dominant he can be in pulling in transfers when he brought Jalen Hurts into Oklahoma from Alabama. Hurts dominated in his lone season for the Sooners, throwing for 32 touchdowns and rushing for 20 more en route to another Big 12 Title trophy and CFP appearance.

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Both USC and Ole Miss have brought in a five star QB transfer. Ole Miss has brought in seven four star transfers and USC has brought in four. The Rebels have four three-star transfers from this cycle and SC has eight. Ole Miss has 14 total transfers in all and SC has 13. Both are right in the thick of the race for the best portal class in the country, and as it stands right now, it's just a two-man race.