Controversial CFB QB ranking has USC's Caleb Williams ranked higher than you'd expect

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

PFF College Football Analyst Anthony Treash's recent top 50 FBS QB rankings had some surprises on it. For instance, South Carolina's Spencer Rattler being third on the list was quite the shocker. That means that USC Football's Caleb Williams would have to be fourth, correct?

Well, no, actually. He was ranked better than both those third and fourth spots. Williams was ranked second, TWO spots ahead of C.J. Stroud.

It was already controversial that Williams was recently named Walter Camp Second-Team Preseason All-American over Stroud. To have him two spots ahead shows a separation that will be tougher to prove for Williams.

Treash must have had USC Football QB Caleb Williams over Stroud due to his abilities as a dual-threat Quarterback.

USC football's elite QB in Caleb Williams was likely not a better passer in his true freshman season in 2021 than Stroud was in his redshirt freshman season in 2021. Stroud averaged 10.1 yards a pass attempt. Williams averaged 9.1. Stroud posted an 11.4 adjusted passing yards per attempt that year, where as Williams averaged 10.2.

Williams was also a little less accurate, as his 64.5% completion percentage didn't match Stroud's 71.9%. His 21:4 TD:INT ratio also wasn't as good as Stroud's 44:6. The difference with the two, that Treash must be weighing very heavily, is Williams' high superiority over the Ohio State QB as a runner.

Williams averaged 5.6 yards per carry last season for 442 yards and six touchdowns. Stroud was a non-factor on the ground, posting -20 rushing yards and no touchdowns on the ground. It goes to show that while it may not be the right one, there is an argument for Williams over Stroud coming into the year.

Last year, Williams was the leading Heisman favorite for a time despite not even starting until the second half of the season. It goes to show just how dangerous and explosive he truly is. While Stroud was a finalist last year, Treash must believe that Williams will be the better player now that he'll get to play a full season.

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There is clearly quite a bit of anticipation for Williams heading into the 2022 season. It's awesome to see an analytics guy like Treash see so much in him, and should give USC fans more confidence in terms of just how deadly this offense can be this upcoming year.