Colin Cowherd trolls USC and Lincoln Riley haters with epic spring football Tweet

Colin Cowherd, USC Football
Colin Cowherd, USC Football / Amy E. Price/GettyImages

With USC football beginning their spring program on Tuesday, famous FS1 talk show host and USC diehard Colin Cowherd chose to get in on the excitement coming out of Lincoln Riley's first practice. Everyone did, but Cowherd made sure it ticked off the USC/Riley haters as much as possible with this great troll tweet after practice:

Bookmark this tweet, because if you ever need a laugh, you can go ahead and read through the comments (or tears as I should say) of the USC and Riley haters that showcased just how salty they are in the comments.

I applaud Cowherd for this tweet. Sure, there were A LOT of positive reviews of how the first day of spring went, but Cowherd finding a way to go overboard and anger the USC haters out there was perfect.

Colin Cowherd is a huge fan of USC football and the hiring of Lincoln Riley.

Colin Cowherd is one of the most famous USC football fans out there, but he had admitted in the recent past that due to them underachieving these past few years, he didn't have a ton of reason to talk about them too much on his show. Now, however, he talks about them all the time, as nobody in general can stop talking about the Trojans after they hired Lincoln Riley.

Cowherd has had Riley on the show multiple times, and he's even pondered starting his own USC football/USC football recruiting podcast. The interesting part of Cowherd's comments is also that I do expect SC to practice very well with Riley at the helm now.

In the Clay Helton era, the team reportedly did not practice hard at all and practiced without tackling more than many other teams. When Donte Williams took over last year, he emphasized more discipline, which I thought would help with that. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but the team certainly wasn't more physical and disciplined on the field--I can tell you that. There were a lot of cultural issues for Williams to overcome.

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The last time SC had an elite coach, their practices were well-known for their intensity and structure. That's the norm for blue blood programs. Expect that now that this blue blood has a blue blood-level head coach running the show nowadays.