Caleb Williams is pushing for new USC football uniforms

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On the USC Athletics and USC Football Instagram page, SC posted a picture of Gary Bryant Jr. wearing an old school Cardinal and Gold home uniform with the old stripe on the sleeve instead of the ones the team has now. They then posted a picture to the right of that current uniform.

It was the ultimate tease, as many USC fans and some players have been wanting some sort of alternate uniform for a while now. Some have mentioned that they want a black and gold uniform, and some have expressed interest in having one just like the one USC posted.

One of the people that wants a uniform just like the one that the Trojans' account posted is new Quarterback Caleb Williams. He commented on the post; "Some fire ones!" and "New ones by next year! Let's get it done!!" If Williams wants new uniforms by next year, could USC end up getting them?

USC football certainly does love Caleb Williams, and he's about as Trojan as they come.

Caleb Williams is the same guy who gave Beats headphones to all of this USC football team, the USC men's basketball team, and the USC women's basketball team. He is more than tuned in with this program and this school already. His opinion absolutely should matter.

Should it mean everything? Well, that's debatable. This program prides itself on great tradition that has resulted in 11 National Championships (second all-time), seven Heisman Trophies (first all-time), and 14 alumni inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame (first all-time).

That being said, wouldn't these alternates be a tribute to that tradition?

Sure, a tradition that SC has is no alternate uniforms, but a throwback-type alternate like this would be a nod to another element of tradition that USC has a chance to pay its respects to on the field. Those truly are iconic sleeves, and it's already a win that USC's posting this on IG for the fans and players that want them.

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Would USC permanently change the uniforms? Well, that's highly doubtful. The fact that they just posted about this, though, suggests that an alternate for the team to wear once or twice per year appears to maybe be on the table. This clearly may not be a longshot anymore.