2 best new budding rivalries with USC football in the Big Ten

Joe McKnight, USC Football, USC Trojans
Joe McKnight, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC football moving to the Big Ten is exciting.

It's exciting because the program will finally earn the money they deserve instead of splitting it with even the tiniest brands of the Pac-12 like the Oregon State's and Washington State's of the conference, they'll be playing in much bigger games, they won't be left out of the superconference realignment that appears to be happening right now, and more.

One of the "more" reasons, though, is the ability to embark on adventures against new rivals. USC will continue playing UCLA and Notre Dame every year, but there will likely be no Cal and Stanford game every year anymore. Now USC will be off to find new rivals in their new conference.

USC football isn't 'rivals' with Michigan and Ohio State yet, but they're already close to.

Sure, USC football isn't true rivals with Michigan and Ohio State, due to them not being in the same conference as them all this time.

Outside of their two biggest rivals (Notre Dame and UCLA), and their other two rivals (Stanford and Cal), Michigan and Ohio State are frequently considered to be the next two teams closest to being considered rivals of the Trojans. USC has played Michigan 10 times, and they've played Ohio State 24(!) times.

They've played Michigan eight times in the Rose Bowl, and they've played Ohio State seven times in the classic bowl game. SC has won 25 Rose Bowls, the most all-time. The second most? A tie between Ohio State and Michigan.

While those two are tied for second with just eight Rose Bowls each, they still are those next-closest teams. They HAVE to be considered the newest budding rivals of USC, if anyone had to guess. They're also the closest in the Big Ten to USC's amount of national championships. Michigan matches USC's 11, and Ohio State has eight.

Next. USC football's record against every Big Ten school. dark

Going 6-4 against Michigan in their history (6-2 in the Rose Bowl) and 13-10-1 against the Buckeyes in their history (4-3 in the Rose Bowl), USC will look to continue dominating these two bluebloods as the rivalries between the two become established.