USC football vs. Utah game looking likely with partial Utes roster

USC football vs. Utah. (Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports)
USC football vs. Utah. (Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports) /

USC football and Utah are on track to play Saturday despite COVID-19

Will USC football and Utah be able to suit up and play a game in Salt Lake City this Saturday?

Signs are looking good so far.

On Tuesday, Utah AD Mark Harlan updated the situation on ESPN Radio and indicated the program hasn’t had a positive test since Friday.

With 70-80 percent of the roaster likely to be available, the Utes should have enough bodies to field a team. The obvious question is what kind of strength that team will be able to bring. We saw on Sunday how Cal struggled in their debut against UCLA after dealing with COVID-19 quarantines in Week 1.

It’s not like USC hasn’t had their own struggles. After two shaky wins over the desert schools, it would be wise for the Trojans not to overlook a Kyle Whittingham team, even under these difficult circumstances.

Harlan added that no family or fans will be in attendance on Saturday if the game is played. Players were originally expected to have up to four family members each attend, but the worsening of the coronavirus situation in the state of Utah has nixed that idea for Ute home games.

USC football has contingency if Utah can’t play

The Trojans already know another game could replace Utah if the COVID-19 outbreak takes a turn for the worse. Since Colorado’s game with Arizona State was canceled, the Buffaloes would be available to meet USC a week early.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the schedule change will be necessary.

That’s not to say preparations shouldn’t be made. Utah’s equipment truck made it to the Rose Bowl before the game against UCLA was called off on Friday.

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USC has made it through two weeks of the season without any coronavirus scares. Getting through the final true road game of the season without any problems would be a big milestone.

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