WATCH: Former USC football QB Matt Barkley’s five-year-old son already has a cannon arm

USC football has a future star in Matt Barkley's son. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
USC football has a future star in Matt Barkley's son. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images) /

Former USC football QB Matt Barkley shared a video of his young son throwing.

Is it too early to start recruiting for the class of 2033? If not, USC football should already have one legacy prospect on the radar.

Trojan quarterback great Matt Barkley took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a “proud dad moment” he had with his son, John

“My 5 yr old and I play catch often, but he decided to back it up and play “long toss”, hit me square in the chest! Kid is a natural,” Barkley wrote.

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The accompanying video shows John dropping back in the middle of a cul-de-sac, winding up and heaving a spiral to Barkley who was standing on the curb. Indeed, it hit him right in the chest without having to move an inch.

That’s what we call accuracy and arm strength.

Barkley tweeted to the Buffalo Bills, his current NFL team, USC athletics, Clay Helton, Lane Kiffin and more to “check out this cannon.”

It turns out, Barkley has been building this skill in his son since the first opportunity came around. He replied to a question asking when he started playing catch by saying “as soon as he could hold the ball.”

Matt Barkley’s USC football legacy can continue with his son

First and foremost, it’s awesome to see Barkley as a father spending quality time with his child, and that he was willing to share the big moment with the world.

You could tell what it meant to him when he turned to the camera with a stunned smile to end the video.

Second, seriously, get this kid a scholarship offer. Not only is he the son of one of the most prolific passers in USC history, but he’s the son of one of the most loyal Trojans of the century.

Remember, Barkley committed to USC as the No. 1 prospect in the class of 2009 when Pete Carroll was still rocking his way along the sideline.

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Even though Carroll left the next year and the NCAA hit the Trojans with devastating NCAA penalties including a postseason ban and open transfers for players on the roster, Barkley opted to stick it out. His decision to remain likely influenced others to stay as well. Without that choice, fans would have never been able to experience the joys of USC’s 2011 season.

There should be a cardinal and gold jersey waiting for the younger Barkley in 13 years or so.

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