USC commit Amon-Ra St. Brown featured on HBO’s Real Sports

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USC football wide receiver commit Amon-Ra St. Brown and his family are profiled on Tuesday’s episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Who is new USC commit Amon-Ra St. Brown? On Tuesday night, Trojan fans can learn more about the five-star wide receiver thanks to a feature on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Amon-Ra, his brothers Equanimeous and Osiris, his mother Miriam and father John Brown get billing from HBO as “the most eccentric Southern California athletic family this side of the Balls.”

Bernard Goldberg handles the interview with the expected level of skeptical awe when it comes to a father so committed to the athletic advancement of his sons and the profit to be had from marketing a family.

“You foresee a shoe deal?…A million-dollar shoe deal?” he asks.

“No. $100 million,” Brown responds.

“Dollars?” Goldberg gapes.

The inevitable comparison between Brown and Lavar Ball is a valid one and Goldberg lays out all the ways it fits, but the feature also highlights all of the ways Brown’s brand of brash ambition just feels more palatable than Ball’s.

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He added St. to his last name Brown for his sons because St. Brown would look better on a football jersey, which has the feel of micro-managing sports dad.

But he also talks about the power in a name. And when you name your son Amon-Ra, after an Egyptian god, you’re certainly bestowing upon him a certain amount of power.

Mostly, it’s that St. Brown doesn’t seem interested in writing checks his kids perhaps can’t cash.

Like the Ball boys, the St. Brown sons are fairly muted compared to their father. Amon-Ra comes off as the most vocal. He’s also the one who offers the best defense of Brown’s tactics.

“We told him we want to be in NFL, so he’s gonna take that serious.”

USC should take Amon-Ra’s NFL ambitions seriously as well. The five-star receiver from Mater Dei will put pen to paper for the Trojans on Signing Day next week. From their he’ll join high school teammate JT Daniels as the two look to move USC into the next phase of the Clay Helton era.

Here’s a clip from the episode:

You can watch the feature and learn more about the St. Browns, including Amon-Ra, on Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. PT on HBO.