TMZ Report: Details On Osa Masina Sexual Assault Emerge

USC linebacker Osa Masina during practice at Howard Jones Field. (Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy)
USC linebacker Osa Masina during practice at Howard Jones Field. (Alicia de Artola/Reign of Troy) /

Graphic details relating to the Osa Masina sexual assault investigation emerged Thursday night, implicating teammate Don Hill in the incident as well.

USC linebacker Osa Masina is alleged to have raped a woman on two separate occasions, in Los Angeles and Utah, posting video of the first incident on snapchat, according to TMZ.

TMZ Sports claims to have obtained the search warrant issued to Masina earlier this week, with details of the two alleged rapes listed.

Here is some of the report from TMZ:

"According to the warrant, issued in Los Angeles, the woman claims she was first raped by Masina on July 14th, 2016 at the apartment of Masina’s teammate,  — a sophomore linebacker. Don Hill The woman told police Masina gave her a couple Xanax pills throughout the day. The woman says she had also been drinking alcohol, including wine by the pool and chugging Captain Morgan at a frat party. After the frat party, the woman claims she was taken to Hill’s apartment — but insists she was “out of it” due to the Xanax and the booze. However, she remembers smoking weed. “The next thing the victim recalls is having sex with Osa Chad Masina,” the search warrant says."

The report continues with graphic details of the alleged sexual assault, which also involved USC outside linebacker Don Hill.

According to the warrant, Masina forced the woman, who was “out of it” due to consumption of Xanax, alcohol and marijuana, to perform oral sex on him while she was engaged in sexual relations with Hill.

TMZ’s report continues:

"The woman says she later learned Masina had taken videos and pictures of them having sex without her knowledge and/or consent … and Snapchatted them to her ex-boyfriend. FYI — the woman’s ex-boyfriend is a football player at the University of Arizona."

Later in July, the woman alleges that after drinking and smoking with Masina in Utah, she passed out and awoke to him sexual assaulting her again.

“The woman says she woke up the next morning in pain and went to police, and a rape kit was administered,” TMZ reported.

The presumption of innocence remains for Masina, who has not been charged with a crime but has been suspended by USC.

However, the details included in these allegations would suggest that the police could have evidence linking him to both incidents — video evidence for the first and DNA evidence for the second.

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While a jury would ultimately determine Masina’s guilt or innocence, recovery of the video and a DNA match to the rape kit would likely result in charges being brought against the player.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the TMZ report is the role of Hill in the assault, since the woman claims to have engaged in sexual activity with Hill, but there has been no indication that Hill, who remains an active member of USC’s team, is under investigation as well.

Hill has his own history of trouble at USC. He has been suspended from spring camp twice since he arrived on campus, once because of a DUI and again this offseason because of an undisclosed violation of team rules.

While USC declined to comment on Hill’s involvement, it would not be surprising if head coach Clay Helton kept him off the field against Alabama as well.

Whichever way this story turns, it is an ugly way for the Trojans to begin the 2016 season.