Which Bowl Game For USC in 2015?


It’s been a while, but the 2015 USC football season might just be the first time in a long while the Trojans get to play in a major bowl. They haven’t won the Pac-12 since 2008, nor have they played in January since Mark Sanchez was the quarterback.RELATED: Top 50 Trojans of the Last 50 Years

To put it in perspective, USC has played in the Rose Bowl during every presidential administration since Calvin Coolidge left office in 1929. They’ll need to hurry up and get there before Barack Obama can join that rare list after next season if things don’t change.

These 2015 Trojans look to make a difference however, as they’ve been hyped heavily by both the media and computers. PredictionMachine.com pegged Troy to make the College Football Playoff on Wednesday, which could be a good sign since it rightly picked all four participants prior to last season.

Will it ring true? Our staff at Reign of Troy offered some bowl game predictions for USC, expanding on our game by game predictions, which were posted on Tuesday. Here’s what we had to say:

Which 2015 bowl for USC football?

Alicia de Artola: Fiesta Bowl

Michael Castillo: Foster Farms BowlAccording to my predictions, the Trojans will go 8-4 with a 5-4 conference record. That like makes a repeat at the Holiday bowl out of reach given the middle-of-the-pack Pac-12 record, which probably leads USC to a mid-tier bowl. The Sun Bowl will never ever the Trojans back, so let’s say it’s the Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara that does the honor.

Max Meyer: Rose Bowl

Nick Cox: Rose Bowl or Fiesta Bowl

Trenise Ferreira: Fiesta BowlUSC plays in the Fiesta Bowl after an improved 2015 effort. A 10-3 season is respectable, and a January Bowl will be the biggest accomplishment since Pete Carroll left.

Nick Conley: Fiesta Bowl

Dustin Jacobs: College Football Playoff

Will USC make the playoff this year?

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