Young, exciting USC Football Safety starts season with electric pick-6

Calen Bullock, USC Football, USC Trojans
Calen Bullock, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Calen Bullock is set to have a great season for USC football this year, and started it with an amazing interception return for a touchdown in Week 1 vs. Rice on Saturday. The score put USC up 28-7, and it was on a VERY key and clutch play. Rice had been driving, and had a fourth and short where they were targeting WR Luke McCaffrey, who had been torching the Trojans all game.

It was just the second quarter, and McCaffrey already had five catches for 51 yards. They had McCaffrey open on the play, though, and threw him the rock. He tipped the ball up in the air, though, and Bullock came speeding in to pick it off and ran it all the way back. 93 yards for a pick-six.

Nobody came even close to touching him. Half the battle of a pick six is securing the interception, but this play looked like the whole battle was securing the football, because there was absolutely no chance anyone was catching him on his trip to the end zone. He made the catch look just as easy, though, so it wasn't even really a battle at all.

Calen Bullock has already proven everybody right on the type of player he was going to be for USC football this year.

Calen Bullock had 40 tackles last year for USC football, and three PD's. He even had two interceptions. What he didn't have, however, was a pick-six. He already checked that box not even a half into the season this year, and did it in exciting fashion. These are the types of plays an aggressive defense like Alex Grinch's is going to need this season.

The secondary is probably the best position group on USC's D this year, and they need to take advantage of mistakes from the opposing passing game. McCaffrey had been looking like the best player on Rice's team, at least by that point.

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If a player like him makes a mistake, USC needs to pounce at the opportunity to make them pay. They did just that, all thanks to Bullock's outstanding awareness and speed.