What they don't show when discussing Caleb Williams' behavior at Utah

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Williams took lots of heat for painting "(Expletive) Utah" on his fingernails before he played against the Utah Utes in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Unfortunately, he got banged up in the contest after he was up 17-3, and Utah came back after that. He lost all his mobility, and there were already so many injuries in his protection that USC had no chance.

Therefore, Williams was bound to take some heat for the message he painted on his nails. That's how it works when one loses after doing something like that. Was it justifiable? Not quite, as Williams still played well in that game despite being on one leg. He completed 68.3% of his passes for 363 yards (8.9 yards per attempt) and threw three touchdowns with only one pick.

Regardless, he was attacked by many in the Utah fan base, and even Utah Football's social media account:

Many Utah fans, as well as some others in general went on and on about how it was so horrible that Williams painted "(Expletive Utah)" on his fingernails and how it is the most classless thing they've ever seen.

Calling Williams classless is hilarious, however, as he does relentless philanthropic work at Caleb Cares, his foundation to eliminate bullying, spread mental health awareness, and empower underdogs.

It's also interesting, because it was revealed on Saturday via Twitter that Williams couldn't have shown more class to some Utah fans when SC played Utah in the regular season. Click on the Tweet below to read the entire thread on what Williams did for Utes fans who had just lost their father three weeks before their regular season game against the Trojans:

Regardless of what anyone says, Caleb Williams is a class act.

It was already a big enough deal for Caleb Williams to get these Ute fans to the game. Not to mention, to get them seats on the Utah side, and to pick them up like that and meet them before the game after the tragedy they just went through. To meet up with them after Williams took a devastating loss just goes to show how much he really does care about the kids.

Not to mention, he didn't even stop after the post-game picture, and made sure to encourage them to keep fighting and to not give up no matter what it was, when they're going through a difficult time. There may be a lot of people attacking Williams right now, but there's no doubt that Williams continues to give back and make impacts on young peoples' lives.

He may be the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner on the field, but it's important to remember who he is off the field as well. And again, Williams never told anybody about what he did for this family. Someone else (David Bezzant/@db_bezz on Twitter) chose to put it out there, as Williams wasn't even going to do it himself.

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Regardless of what anyone has to say about Williams, he's going to continue lifting people up and demonstrating high character whenever possible.