USC Trojans and Pac-12 athletes can finally make money immediately on game day

Kyron Ware-Hudson, Prophet Brown, USC Football, USC Trojans
Kyron Ware-Hudson, Prophet Brown, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The Pac-12 has finally chalked up a win this offseason, as they have announced that they and Tempus Ex have teamed up to "give student-athletes the power to monetize personalized game day highlights," according to the conferences' website. This of course will apply to USC Trojans athletes for the next two seasons they're in the Pac.

Tempus Ex Machina is a sports technology startup that has a data stewardship partnership with the conference. Via their proprietary FusionFeed technology, every Pac-12 athlete will now be able to receive compensation from their own personalized game highlights right after games on their social media profiles.

The Pac-12 was the first conference to allow their game highlights to be available to its athletes for the purpose of potential NIL opportunities. Now things are coming together to where they can team up with Tempus Ex Machina in order to immediately give athletes the chance to monetize off of these highlights.

“Our technology is ready for social media companies to create turnkey monetization programs that student-athletes can opt into and begin to earn compensation on their own highlights," said Annie Gerhart, the COO of Tempus Ex Machina.

This is also great news for USC Trojans fans.

The reason this is great news for USC Trojans fans is largely due to the fact that players are now going to have more opportunity and reason to post highlights, and it will be done immediately after games. Highlight tapes will be everywhere, and it will be starting now. Here's what the Pac had to say about that:

"Tempus Ex’s proprietary technology is the only available solution that can deliver every angle of every play from games, automatically provide a digital video clip, and deliver personalized highlights to each participating student-athlete available immediately after the games concludes."

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Tempus Ex has already partnered with the NFL before, so it's more than a reliable and great group for the Pac-12 to work with. It's been a brutal offseason for the Pac-12 conference, but they finally secured a win that none of the other conferences share.

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