USC Trojans' move to the Big Ten will totally devastate the Pac-12

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The USC Trojans heading to the Big Ten is absolutely CRUSHING news for the rest of the Pac-12. SC is and has always been the only blueblood in the conference for the Pac.

SC's 11 National Championships is over TWICE the amount that the next-best team (Cal) has, and the last time Cal won one was 1937. SC has by far the biggest brand in the Pac-12, and is located right in the heart of the second-biggest media market in the country.

Now, the Pac-12 is left touting its next best program being either Washington or Oregon. Yes, a Washington program who has a total of one title in the last 62 years, or an Oregon program who has zero titles in their history. Slim pickings here for high school kids who would be recruited to play in the conference moving forward.

The Big Ten will reportedly not be adding more Pac-12 teams at this time; just the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins.

Ryan Kartje of the LA Times reported that sources have told the LA Times that the Big Ten is not expected to be adding any other Pac-12 teams at this time:

So, they're stuck. They're stuck playing in an awful Pac-12 media deal, playing in countless late-night games when the poll voters/committees are asleep, and playing in a conference with no national appeal and relevance due to their only national brand ditching the conference they never needed anyway.

They never needed the conference. They could go independent at any time in their history and still keep their strong brand as the premier program on the west. They also could get other top conferences clamoring for their services, due to their rich history and tradition.

Sure enough, that was proven on Thursday with the Big Ten wanting every part of their 11 National Championship (second-most all-time) and seven Heisman (most all-time) history. The Pac-12 has been a running joke these past few years with SC down.

That wasn't the case during the Sam Darnold years. Pac-12 fans of all teams were begging the College Football Committee to put them in. Everybody was backing the Pac, because USC being recognized at that high level would be terrific promotion for the entire league.

It also wasn't the case in 2011, when Lane Kiffin drove them to a No. 6 finish, and they were the talk of the town in college football. They even were then named the No. 1 preseason team for the next year due to how much excitement there was around USC.

And it most certainly wasn't the case during the Pete Caroll era. SC finished fourth or better in the final poll for seven straight years at one point under Carroll. They played in National Title Games for three of those years and won two.

They won every New Year's Six Bowl Game they played in except for the one National Championship they lost. Does anyone remember when any other Pac-12 programs have ever had that type of run? No, because it never happened.

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The Pac needs SC in hopes of it returning to national dominance and giving people a reason to watch the Pac. They now don't have it, and have to bank on pretty green and yellow uniforms to save them.