USC Trojans may now be joined by 4 old rivals in the Big Ten

Malik Dorton, USC Football, USC Trojans
Malik Dorton, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports National College Football Writer Dennis Dodd has reported that the Big Ten is targeting Stanford, Oregon, Washington, and Cal to go along with the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins in conference expansion. Of course, the Big Ten as of right now has only added USC and UCLA to their current 14 teams.

This is a sign of relief for USC fans that were disappointed about losing tradition in the move to the Big Ten. If these four schools join the Big Ten, USC can resume their tradition of playing Stanford and Cal every single year.

The reality of four other west coast teams heading to the Big Ten with the L.A. schools will also feel better to the traditionalists as well just in general. The entire Power 5 west coast scene won't just be alone without the L.A. schools. Half the conference will be gone, but that half will at least be with each other.

It still remains hilarious that the Big Ten wanted the USC Trojans over all four of these schools.

Nothing will ever beat the day that the USC Trojans athletic program was admitted into the Big Ten along with UCLA, and no other schools were let in. It shows that even if these four programs are eventually admitted, USC and UCLA were of course the more valuable programs, as they were allowed in first and were the priorities.

If the Big Ten wants to add these four, and it would be best for the conference, then it could be big that the Big Ten is looking at expanding. If this is the best move for the conference, it would of course likely be the best move for USC.

It may be tough, however, for the Big Ten to definitely go ahead and make this decision because of these four programs' disappointing history in football. These four schools COMBINE for a total of nine football championships and two Heisman Trophies.

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To put it in perspective, USC ALONE has 11(!) football championships and seven(!) Heisman Trophies. If Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren sees them as fits for any reason, though, he may jump at the opportunity. All SC fans can do is trust that Warren will make the right decision--whether that's adding these squads or not.