USC Trojans athletics takes major hit with Mike Bohn sidekick leaving for NFL

Lincoln Riley, Brandon Sosna, USC Trojans, USC Football
Lincoln Riley, Brandon Sosna, USC Trojans, USC Football / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

USC Athletics Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director and Chief of Staff Brandon Sosna has taken off for Detroit, to be the Detroit Lions' Senior Director of Football Administration according to ESPN's Pete Thamel. Sosna was considered the right-hand man of USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn.

Sosna was also considered to be the "architect" of the Lincoln Riley hire by Bohn. This is obviously very high praise, as it's considered the best hire in USC history.

Obviously, USC has had better coaches like Pete Carroll and John McKay, but there has never been a hire that has received a higher public consensus grade at the time than Sosna and Bohn's hiring of Riley. Losing Sosna is a tough blow, and Thamel said that "USC was aggressive in trying to retain Sosna" according to sources of his.

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USC football will miss Brandon Sosna, who oversaw the program.

That being said, if anybody is to find the right replacement for Brandon Sosna, it is certainly USC Athletic Director Bohn. Bohn has proven to be able to make the best possible hires when he is in the right position to.

He made an unfortunate decision in bringing on Todd Orlando as his Defensive Coordinator and kept Clay Helton around far too long, but again, he was thrown into a tough situation immediately with USC in a tough financial spot due to scandals going on within the university before he arrived.

He made many strong support staff hires, though, and reportedly was close to hiring DAVE ARANDA instead of Orlando as the DC after 2019. He was close, but just needed a bit more cash and things to slow down a bit. As soon as that happened, he proved just how strong of a hirer he can be with the Riley move.

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Expect another strong hire in an area that Bohn has lots of experience working with. It's hard not to trust him these days with his decision-making. He also has a strong track record of decision-making in his previous job at Cincinnati. This is an unfortunate blow, but SC's in good hands, so there's no need to worry about this one.