USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 404 on NCAA Tournament Time

Reign of Troy Radio USC podcast.
Reign of Troy Radio USC podcast. /

The Reign of Troy Radio USC podcast is here with a new episode discussing USC basketball's NCAA Tournament draw, USC football names in NFL free agency and more.

Reign of Troy Radio co-hosts Michael Castillo and Alicia de Artola have a new USC podcast to enjoy this week.

What will USC basketball face in the NCAA Tournament? What prospects do USC football alumni in NFL free agency hold? Michael and Alicia discuss it all.

Sit back, relax and hit the triangle!

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What's in store for this USC podcast:

-- Michael and Alicia open the show talking about Saint Patrick's Day traditions before jumping into the news from NFL free agency. There are a bunch of Trojans looking for new homes and signing new contracts to discuss.

-- USC basketball is a No. 6 seed in this year's NCAA Tournament. What kind of challenges and advantages will they face during March Madness?

-- The show finishes up with a mailbag focused on bracket strategies, Kedon Slovis' arm, the 2022 NFL Draft and, of course, coaching.

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