USC Podcast: RoT Radio Ep. 403 on schedule madness

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Reign of Troy USC podcast /

The Reign of Troy USC podcast is back to look at the Trojans' 2021 football schedule, basketball hopes in the tournament, and much more.

Your favorite USC podcast co-hosts (we hope), Michael Castillo and Aliciai de Artola, are here to discuss the latest news from around USC football and basketball.

This week, that means looking at the 2021 football schedule, new hires, fresh commitments and, yes, some March Madness.

Go ahead and hit play. We know you want to.

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What's in store for this USC podcast:

-- Michael and Alicia have a bunch of news to catch up on, starting with USC's statement on EA Sports College Football and continuing with a discussion on the Trojans' newest hires, Spring Camp news, the NFL Combine, and tight end commit Keyan Burnett.

-- True to form, USC basketball had a bit of a slip-up after we talked about them on the last episode, but it's okay because they had an epic win over UCLA and are well-poised to contend for the Pac-12 conference title. What's going on with the latest seeding?

-- The show ends with the biggest story of all: USC's 2021 football schedule. The Trojans have a ton to look forward to with a net-neutral schedule for the first time in a long time. How probable is a 10-win season? What is the toughest game? Michael and Alicia hash it out.

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