USC's Korey Foreman is totally going to blow up in Week 2 at Stanford

Korey Foreman, USC Football, USC Trojans
Korey Foreman, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football Rush End Korey Foreman didn't get to the quarterback according to the basic official stat sheet in Game 1 against Rice, but he actually had a very good season opener. reporter Shotgun Spratling shared some stats on Twitter that he found via Pro Football Focus that proved he did much better than what meets the eye on the box score:

It's not just that Foreman had a few pressures. His four pressures LED THE TEAM. He led the way in a very important aspect of the game for USC in a strong defensive performance that included three pick-6's.

What does Foreman have to do with pick-6's? He pressured the quarterback on the last one, which forced the QB to have to step up and try to force the throw that got picked off and ran back by LB Ralen Goforth. Were there multiple players that pressured the quarterback on that play? Yes, however, Foreman was the first one and the reason he stepped up into more pressure in the first place.

Korey Foreman also had a sack for USC football against Rice.

Many USC football fans were confused as to why Korey Foreman's sack (or half sack, depending on how one views it) was not included in the official stat sheet. PFF clearly acknowledged it, though, so it's important to remember that Foreman did do more than just put pressure on the quarterback. He even got to the quarterback for a sack, a QB hit, and two hurries.

He's clearly very close to closing in on some sacks, and even did at one point during Game 1. While that wasn't recognized in the official stat book, the other numbers were recorded from PFF, and go to show that while Foreman doesn't have any sacks next to his name on football reference, he's certainly impacted the game in his efforts as a pass rusher.

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Look for that to continue paying off in Week 2. He was just inches short of lighting up the stat sheet against Rice, and proved that he most certainly has been developing in his career at SC.