USC football: Weather report vs. Rice

USC Football, USC Trojans
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For any fans going to the USC football game on Saturday against Rice, PLEASE be careful when it comes to the heat. According to the Weather Channel, it's going to be blazing hot in the Coli for Week 1. The high will be 98 on Saturday, and the low will be 78.

The weather is supposed to improve when September comes around, but everyone knows that it doesn't work that way at the beginning of the month in L.A. these days. To nobody's surprise, there's just a one percent chance of rain. Apparently to the Pac-12's surprise, however, there is an excessive heat warning going on in Los Angeles right now.

While the Pac-12 had no idea that the heat warning would take place back when they scheduled the's fair to be a little annoyed that the Pac-12 has the Arizona schools play night games this time of year, with a city that's also very hot at this time of year in Los Angeles being forced to go with a 3:00 PM kickoff time.

It will be no hotter in L.A. on Saturday than when the game kicks off for USC football.

The Weather Channel has the temperature in Los Angeles at 96 degrees Fahrenheit when the USC football game kicks off. That's the highest temperature on the day for Los Angeles, according to The Weather Channel. It does have the temperature dropping after that, but it doesn't have it leaving the 90's until the game's over.

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Make sure to drink lots of water both before and during the game on Saturday. If drinking something other than water, make sure it's also hydrating, or mix in water too. Stay in shade before the game starts. It's going to take both being precautionary during the game AND making sure to be prepared before the game.