USC Football: Weather report vs. Notre Dame

Michael Pittman Jr., USC Football, USC Trojans
Michael Pittman Jr., USC Football, USC Trojans / Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football has a tough matchup against Notre Dame this week, but it's at home, which is beneficial to both squads. That's because...this game played in South Bend would not be fun. It would maybe be snowing, and be absolutely frigid through the entire contest in a late-November game.

Instead, it'll be in sunny Los Angeles, so both teams can take advantage of their pass-catching weapons (which they both have). And sure, it won't be sunny the whole game. The game starts at 4:30 p.m. PT, and the sun's actually going to start setting at 4:44 p.m. PT. But it will be sunny for the beginning of the game, and it's probably not going to be too cold even when it's dark out.

That's because the low on Saturday is going to be 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That's manageable for really any team, and even the ones like USC and UCLA who are used to playing in perfect weather.

It may not even get all the way down to 50 during the game, but with no precipitation, that's not going to be an issue even if it does. And sure enough there's just a one percent chance of precipitation on Saturday night (all weather information in this article is as of The Weather Channel).

USC Football is not going to need to lean on the run game in this matchup vs. Notre Dame.

And there would be a decent chance that USC Football would need to lean on the run game in this matchup if it was AT Notre Dame. This is good news for both teams. That's because for ND, it means they can lean on Michael Mayers, their strong tight end who has 59 catches for 711 yards and seven touchdowns this year.

SC has been terrible against tight ends this year. That's a matchup the Irish can exploit. As for USC, it doesn't matter who they're playing when it comes to being able to score on a defense through the air. Caleb Williams has the best wide receiver in the country at his disposal in Jordan Addison, along with another top 10 WR across from JA in Mario Williams.

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He's also got a ton of speed to throw to with Tahj Washington out wide with those two, and Brenden Rice is a good option due to his dynamic talent and size. If this game turns into a track meet, pencil USC in for the W. They have an offense that's putting up 42.7 points per game. That's top three in the country. The Fighting Irish likely aren't stopping that.