USC Football vs. UCLA Live Stream: Watch online today

Erik Krommenhoek, USC Football, USC Trojans
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USC Football takes on UCLA in what will be the biggest matchup of the year for the Trojans on Saturday at 5 p.m. PT. It's a game no Trojan fan will even want to think about missing, as it has MAJOR implications on winning the PAC-12 Championship game in a a couple weeks here. That's because if SC wins, they have clinched their trip to the PAC-12 TItle game.

Therefore, to stream this game on Saturday, PLEASE get a free trial to FuboTV at this link here. Again, this is a game that everybody is going to need their eyes on. The game is sold out, so it looks like a lot of USC fans will be there. If that wasn't possible, though, there is at least this one free way via FuboTV to watch the game.

SC comes into the contest at 9-1, and UCLA comes into the contest at 8-2. USC is ranked No. 7, and UCLA is ranked at No. 16. So therefore, UCLA's Playoff chances are pretty much over and done with, but SC is absolutely still in it with that seventh ranking. They'll need to win out, though, for them to officially make the CFP.

That all starts this weekend, where USC has the chance to get their second ranked win of the season. It's a big resume builder that they're missing right now. After losing a heartbreaker to Utah in Week 7 off of objectively awful officiating, they haven't had the chance to play another ranked team since. Therefore, their only ranked win they have currently is their win at Oregon State.

USC Football can really begin to build a strong resume with a win at UCLA.

If USC Football edges out a secod ranked win on the road, that would mean that they have more ranked wins on the road than every team currently ahead of them in the CFP rankings except for TCU and Tennessee. And even then, they would have just as many ranked wins on the road as those teams.

Then, SC puts themselves in position to keep moving up if they can beat Notre Dame on the road next week, which would be yet another ranked win. Luckily, they get that one at home finally. Every other ranked matchup they've played has been on the road.

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Once they beat Notre Dame (which is likely), they should be Playoff bound if they win the PAC-12 Championship game. Remember, though, that the Playoff has essentially NO chance of happening if the Trojans lose this one to UCLA.