USC Football at Utah Live Stream: Watch online today

Vavae Malepeai, USC Football, USC Trojans
Vavae Malepeai, USC Football, USC Trojans / Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football looks to stay unbeaten when they take on the first ranked squad they play all year. That would of course be the No. 20 Utah Utes, who the Trojans will be playing on the road. It's the definition of a must-win game for Utah, as they have lost a couple of games so far this year. They are 4-2, while SC sits at 6-0.

USC does NOT want to lose this game, but it may not be the end of the Pac-12 season if they do. If Utah loses this game, and picks up their second conference loss of the year while just seven games into the season, it could be trouble for them. Remember, Utah still has to travel to Eugene to play No. 12 Oregon late in the year.

Therefore, Utah's going to be coming out with their best stuff this week. Every Pac-12 fan is going to want to be seeing this game. While the game is being televised nationally on FOX, there is another way to see this game if one doesn't have access to a TV this weekend. That would be via a live stream. That live stream can be found through clicking here and getting a free trial to FuboTV.

The game being in primetime this week says it all (kickoff is at 5 p.m. PST). This game is in primetime over No. 10 Penn State at No. 5 Michigan, No. 3 Alabama at No. 6 Tennessee, No. 8 Oklahoma State at No. 13 TCU, and No. 15 NC State at No. 18 Syracuse. Even No. 16 Mississippi State at No. 22 Kentucky may be in primetime, but not on FOX, and on the SEC Network instead.

USC Football is the only 4-0 team (conference record) in the Pac-12.

USC Football's opponent this week--the Utah Utes--has already lost in-conference despite playing less conference games than SC has (they've played three Pac-12 games) so far. They also have a loss against an unranked opponent in Florida. Regardless, they still are a good team who is riding an 11-game home winning streak.

They also technically average more points per game than the Trojans, at 40.3 as opposed to 40.2 for USC. They have given up more points, though, at a 19 points per game clip. It's close again, though, as SC has allowed 18.67 points per game.

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Bottom line--it could be a great one on Saturday. Anyone who doesn't have the access to a TV needs to get that free trial to FuboTV. This is a true can't-miss game.