USC football takes home ESPN's 'Wide Receiver U' crown in most obvious decision ever

Drake London, USC Football, USC Trojans
Drake London, USC Football, USC Trojans / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has selected USC football as 'Wide Receiver U' yet again this year. This is a yearly occurrence. Even in a year where SC just had their worst year in program history, they are still king when it comes to wide receiver performance and development.

Again, in their worst year in program history, they developed the best wide receiver in the country. Drake London was the runaway favorite for the Biletnikoff before he got hurt and was sidelined for the rest of the season to injury in the eighth game of the year. Still, he was so dominant that he was the first Wide Receiver taken in the NFL Draft (eighth overall).

Then, shortly after, USC picked up the literal receiver who won the Biletnikoff after London got hurt (Jordan Addison)...USC left this past year with the best receiver in the country, and then picked up the best one after that best wideout in the country. There could be no more of a dream scenario. And again, this was when USC was at their absolute WORST EVER as a program.

USC football may forever be Wide Receiver University.

If there was any year to break USC football and remove that title, it would have been this year, but no. USC even improved their reputation and status. Heck--check out what USC receivers are doing in the NFL too.

Not only do they have seven wideouts in the league, but they also just had one set an NFL rookie record along with two Detroit Lions rookie records (Amon-Ra St. Brown), one who got all the way up to 1,082 receiving yards in just his second year with a questionable quarterback throwing to him (Michael Pittman Jr.), and one who just won a Super Bowl in a year in which he racked up 61.8 yards per contest (Robert Woods).

Here's what David M. Hale of ESPN wrote in his reasoning for why he chose USC (if it wasn't already obvious enough):

"Even in a down year when the coach was fired and the offense struggled, USC managed to produce a star at receiver, with Drake London selected eighth overall in this year's NFL draft. USC's lead over LSU and Alabama -- two schools producing a torrent of top receiver talent lately -- actually grew from 2021 as recent draftees Amon-Ra St. Brown and Michael Pittman blossomed in the NFL. Now add Lincoln Riley's dynamic offense to the mix -- alongside defending Biletnikoff winner Jordan Addison, who transferred from Pitt this offseason -- and odds are, the Trojans will be hanging on to the top spot for the foreseeable future."

David M. Hale, ESPN

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Yeah, the odds certainly are in favor of SC hanging on to this type of praise a year from now. Every year, Alabama or LSU is supposed to catch up to them, and they remain unsuccessful. Now with five-star transfer Addison in the fold and four-star transfers Mario Williams and Brenden Rice in the mix, it's incredibly improbable for those two SEC teams (or anyone) to make the jump.