USC football starting blindside tackle suffers injury at Stanford

Courtland Ford, USC Football, USC Trojans
Courtland Ford, USC Football, USC Trojans / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

Starting USC Football Left Tackle Courtland Ford has had a very good first two weeks of the season so far. He has put his athleticism to lots of use, and USC has even been able to pull him from the left tackle spot all the way past even the right tackle on plays where he's needed to do so. Don't let the 6-6, 305 pound build fool you. He gets around very quickly for someone of his size.

Unfortunately, however, he injured what appeared to be his right ankle during the second half of the Week 2 contest against Stanford on Saturday.

He ended up needing to get checked out under the medical tent according to Shotgun Spratling of, and according to Ryan Karte of the LA Times, ended up having "his ankle heavily wrapped with ice after the game." This will be an injury to monitor this week. There typically are injury updates of some kind on Tuesdays, so maybe some valuable information will be available then.

USC football can survive a Courtland Ford injury.

The reason that USC football can survive Courtland Ford missing Week 3 against Fresno State is actually rather simple. It's because Bobby Haskins is still with the Trojans. Haskins, the Virginia transfer who hopped over to L.A. early in the offseason, is more than capable of handling the left tackle spot. He was an ACC Honorable Mention last season at the tackle position.

He also wouldn't just be thrown into the lineup, as he split time with Ford in Week 1 against Rice. SC had left tackle try-outs so to speak during that home opener, and both guys split reps.

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So he's both fresh, and in game shape already if he comes in. Having a successful pedigree from his previous school, his QB Caleb Williams won't fear for his blind side as much as some may worry if Ford has to miss Week 3.