USC football: The Onion brought the greatest take on Sam Darnold's trade

Former USC football quarterback Sam Darnold
Former USC football quarterback Sam Darnold / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Former USC football quarterback Sam Darnold's trade from the Jets to the Panthers prompted great reactions across the internet, but The Onion has them all beat.

Leave it to The Onion to take the Sam Darnold trade saga and turn it into absolute gold.

It all began on Tuesday when the Panthers traded draft picks to the Jets to bring Darnold from New York to Carolina. The Onion took the story and made it that much better.

The headline: "Panthers Adopt Patchy-Haired, Shivering Rescue QB Who Spent Years Abused By Jets."

Even the former USC football quarterback has got to laugh at that one.

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The best thing about The Onion is how sharply their satire hits. Darnold may not be a rescue animal, but he was in need of rescue, that's for sure.

After the Jets drafted Darnold No. 3 overall in 2018, he spent three grustrating seasons with the flailing franchise. His quarterback rating sat at 78.6, his win-loss record was 13-25 and he threw almost as many interceptions and touchdowns in his tenure.

What The Onion gets right is how Darnold was abused by the Jets. After Todd Bowles drafted the quarterback, New York fired him and brought in Adam Gase, a head coach who had been mediocre at best with the Dolphins. His track record as an offensive coordinator was inflated, as proven by the fact his offenses ranked dead last in the NFL in both of his seasons.

Another coaching change was made, leaving Darnold two coaches removed from the regime that bet on him.

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Matt Rhule, Joe Brady and the Panthers are now in charge of rehabilitating Darnold.

Here's the thing about rescues. They're great. Usually all they need is a little love.

Hopefully, the Panthers are one day compelled to describe how, in the end, Darnold rescued them.

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