USC Football RB Travis Dye has heroic run after shot to sensitive area

Travis Dye, USC Football, USC Trojans
Travis Dye, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football RB Travis Dye took a vicious knee to the groin during Saturday's game against Fresno State.

While he did exit the game, he was able to walk under his own power and not need any carts or assistance. Nobody could question his toughness as is. But then, he took that toughness to the next level, coming back into the game not too long after and running for a beautiful 25-yard touchdown score. In fact, the run was so beautiful that he broke FIVE tackles in those 25 yards:

To break five tackles en route to a highlight reel score like this is already a big deal. To do it after taking a massive hit to the groin is even more impressive. It goes to show that Dye most certainly doesn't lack toughness. He showed that throughout the entire night, too, going for 102 yards on 11 carries. He also chipped in three catches for 36 receiving yards.

Typical of Travis Dye, he also did a great job in the blocking game for USC football.

Travis Dye has been everything the USC football program could have hoped for this season. He's toted the rock 30 times for 227 rushing yards on the season, which is a 7.6(!) yards per carry average. That's even higher than what his career yards per carry average was entering the season--at six yards per rush.

In addition, he's corralled seven receptions for 76 yards in the passing game. Owning a 10.9 yards per reception average, that's better than his career-10.5 yard per catch average. He's improved his efficiency in both the running game AND as a pass-catcher. And again, he's led the way when it comes to blocking in the backfield.

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Dye has been consistently great, both via the eye test and through statistics. He's doing this despite playing in a backfield with three other running backs who have been productive. The fifth-year senior has most certainly lived up to the hype, and shows no signs of slowing down. Even when taking painful knees to the groin.