USC Football QB Caleb Williams throws for career-level day despite WR/OL injuries

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football QB Caleb Williams headed into the game against Arizona with some serious injuries going on around him. His No. 1 WR (Jordan Addison), and his No. 1 Offensive Lineman (Andrew Vorhees) were injured. That makes it tough on a quarterback, of course, but that wasn't it.

Williams' No. 2 receiver in Mario Williams, who was supposed to play, ended up tweaking something and couldn't go. It is unknown when the tweak occurred, but it perhaps did before the game, as he was dressed on the sideline the entire contest. It likely was a recent tweak, which led to him not being able to play despite dressing out and being on the sideline the whole time.

To make matters worse, Caleb's starting Left Tackle in Bobby Haskins went down to injury too. That left his two wide receivers out, along with his two starting left side linemen. It apparently did not matter to Caleb, though. Even without his support, he still tossed for a career-high 411 pass yards.

Doing that without his first two wideouts and left side of the offensive line proves that it was arguably the best game he's ever played. Imagine what his numbers would have been if Addison and Mario were out there. Addison is the same guy who's racked up 585 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns on the season. Mario is the same guy who's averaging 19(!) yards per reception.

Caleb Williams still completed 68.9% of his passes for USC Football.

Caleb Williams put up 9.1 yards per attempt for USC Football against Arizona, leading the Trojans to a 45-37 point win. Leading a squad to a win where 45 points were put on the board isn't easy when so many guys were out.

Remember--it wasn't just those four offensive players that were hurt. The defense was also missing two of their three primary linebackers in Eric Gentry (their best linebacker) and Ralen Goforth. They were also without starting Rush End Korey Foreman. Nobody was playing, yet Caleb still led the team to a Pac-12 road win through his dominance.

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He had FIVE touchdown passes and no turnovers. He did what he always does: Score a lot of points, and protect the football. Nobody does it better than him, as he now is up to a 24:1 TD:INT ratio. Keep in mind that he's not lost a fumble all season. His completion percentage is now up to 64.7%, and he is now up to 8.7 pass yards per attempt on the year. At 7-1, he is 100% still in the Heisman race.