USC Football's PAC-12 dominance already puts them in PAC-12 Title Game

Korey Foreman, USC Football, USC Trojans
Korey Foreman, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football clinched a trip to the PAC-12 Championship Game with their road win against the then-No. 16 UCLA Bruins on Saturday. It caps off a PAC-12 season where they were the best in the PAC-12.

They came into that game against the inferior L.A. program with the highest ranking in the conference (No. 7), and left the game clinching the best ranking in the conference for another week as well. They were sure to stay higher than every other PAC-12 team with a win. Not only that though, but they also have the best rcord out of any team in the PAC-12 at 10-1.

To make it even better, they also finished the PAC-12 season while clinching the best conference record in the conference for 2022--just like the best overall record in the conference in 2022. 9-2 Oregon and 9-2 Washington can tie USC's overall record if they win this upcoming week and the Trojans lose. Oregon can also tie USC's conference record with a win.

Nobody in the PAC, however, can surpass USC's overall record OR their conference record this season. They'll be in Las Vegas for the PAC-12 Championship Game, as they should be.

They finished their PAC-12 season (their only remaining regular season game is an out-of-conference game against Notre Dame) as the No. 1 offensive team in the conference. They've racked up 42.9 points per game, which is first in the conference. They also average 513 total yards per game, which is No. 1 in the PAC. They've destroyed this conference all year.

The only team to beat USC Football this year is in the PAC-12, in Utah.

That being said, Utah may not even be the ones to play USC Football in the PAC-12 Championship Game, as they have fallen to 6-2 in-conference. At least that's better than their 8-3 overall record, but it still puts them in a tough situation where they do not control their destiny when it comes to getting to Vegas.

It's also worth remembering that without two objectively horrible roughing the passer calls that the conference even admitted to, however, USC wouldn't have even lost that game at all to Utah. It's why Utah's in trouble if they end up getting USC in a neutral location for a PAC-12 title.

Defensively, USC is also tops in the PAC-12 in many categories. They are No. 1 in all of the Power 5 with 25 turnovers forced, and they are No. 1 in the PAC-12 with 32 sacks. They're also first in the entire country with 18 interceptions.

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It makes sense as to why they're the first team to clinch a PAC-12 Championship. They've been very easily the best team in the conference to this point. It's impressive, too, as the PAC-12 has the most ranked teams of any conference in the entire country (at least as of when SC clinched).

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