USC Football: Jordan Addison reminds world he's the best WR in America

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football WR Jordan Addison was limited in the Trojans' last game against Colorado. He didn't play many snaps, as he was still not 100% recovered from his knee injury that kept him out of the prior two games.

He hurt it in the second half of the Utah game, missing the most crucial part of that contest as well. He was due to be 100% against UCLA, though, in the biggest game of the year for the Trojans. And not only was he 100% healthy, but he was also 100% on top of his highest performance as well. He had what might be his best game of the season.

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Addison came back hungry, and proved it by grabbing 11 footballs for 178 receiving yards and a touchdown. Before Addison went down to injury, he was averaging 5.6 catches per game, 83.6 receiving yards per game, and a touchdown catch per game. That a season that's as elite as they come.

It most definitely is; considering that he plays for a team that runs the ball a lot as well, and also has LOTS of other wide receivers who are very good and in the rotation with him.

To be on pace for a 78 catch/1,170 yard/14 touchdown season with all the other mouths to feed in this offense would prove that Addison is the best receiver in the country. To win the Biletnikoff and then have that ridiculous of a follow-up would continue to cement him as that top guy. Instead, though, people forgot about Addison's dominance.

USC Football WR1 Jordan Addison was starting to get snubbed from 'best wide receiver in college football' declarations.

Sure enough, however, USC Football's No. 1 pass-catcher Jordan Addison just needed to be healthy to be able to prove via his own actions on the field that there's nobody better. While everyone decided that Marvin Harrison Jr. was better, Addison quickly shut that up.

Addison is now averaging 6.3 catches per game, 95.4 receiving yards per game, and one receiving touchdown per game in the time before he went down to injury plus Saturday. Of course, those are the numbers to look at because he didn't play in two of the other three games, and in the one he played in, he played few snaps because he was still hurt.

Harrison hasn't been as productive as a healthy Addison; averaging 5.9 catches per game and 94.3 receiving yards per game. At least he's also averaging a touchdown catch per game, but of course he's not racking up the catches and yards Addison has when he's healthy.

And look--durability is of course huge, but Addison has still of course played in a high majority of this season. He also only missed one total game in his two years of college football prior to this one. Calling him an injury-prone player would be false.

Therefore, it's important to look deep into the type of player he is when healthy, and not look too far into a fluke injury. Injuries aren't going to happen often with Addison.

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Addison won the Biletnikoff over SIX receivers drafted in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft last year. His performance hasn't dipped at all. The only thing slowing him down was an injury, which he didn't let come even close to stopping him this week.