USC Football Inside Linebacker recruit now ranked best in America

Tackett Curtis, USC Football, USC Trojans
Tackett Curtis, USC Football, USC Trojans / Stan Carpenter/ The Times via Imagn

All USC football fans love Tackett Curtis. All USC football fans know how important the linebacker position is going to be for USC moving forward, because of how disappointing it overall was in 2021. Signing him over the two Big Ten teams he was supposed to sign with--Ohio State and Wisconsin--was a major recruiting win for SC.

A four-star guy who is quite the head-hunter as a backer, it was clear that this is exactly the type of recruit SC needs badly. Little did SC fans know, however, that he would shoot up the recruiting rankings even further. Curtis is now the No. 1 ILB recruit in all of America for the 2023 recruiting class:

He's the only Inside Backer recruit with a grade higher than 83, at 85. It's not even too surprising when putting it in perspective--this is a guy who's athletic enough to where he can not only play inside linebacker, but also plays safety for Many High School. He's a three-way player, playing running back and kick returner too.

Tackett Curtis getting his due respect is great to see for USC football fans.

USC football's class only has 13 commits right now. Of course, it's important to remember that it's only July 28th, and there's still plenty of time to recruit. It is true though, that regardless of the situation, whenever a class has few recruits, it's important for the ones they do have to be ranked highly.

Seeing Curtis up at the top of his position is great, and especially because he's not even playing inside linebacker for Many. He's more of an Outside Linebacker and Free Safety there.

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For a recruiting service to see his game translating so smoothly to inside backer is already great. To then also see him catapult up to the No. 1 spot is even more exciting.