USC football fans can now pay tribute to Brett Neilon's "Neilon Nudge"

Brett Neilon, USC Football, USC Trojans
Brett Neilon, USC Football, USC Trojans / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

USC football's Week 4 win would likely have been a Loss if starting center Brett Neilon didn't shove Caleb Williams over the first-down marker during SC's game-winning drive. The play has been coined the 'Neilon Nudge,' and it should be. Realistically, the chances of Williams converting this first down without Neilon pushing him past the marker were low at best:

On Tuesday, Neilon announced that the fans now have the opportunity to pay tribute to the Neilon Nudge via purchasing Neilon's football card with it signed by Neilon and 'Neilon Nudge!' of course written just below:

These cards cost $39.99. It's particularly notable because savvy Trojan fans know that collecting football cards is a major hobby for Neilon. To see him now be able to sell his own cards that commemorate perhaps the top moment of the Lincoln Riley era up to this point is special.

USC Football's Brett Neilon continues to be one of the best centers in the country.

Last season, Brett Neilon didn't give up a sack for USC football. That's despite him playing 534 snaps. That was the most amount of snaps without allowing a sack out of any Power 5 center in the nation. Neilon is the No. 1-graded Pac-12 Center in the country this year. He has not missed a beat from where he was last year.

Proving he has the intangibles and awareness to save the game for USC on Saturday, he does even more than just what the numbers say. The Neilon Nudge is a perfect example of why the big guys up front should never be taken for granted, and for anyone who's been on social media since that play, they know that USC fans most certainly don't take Neilon for granted.

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As soon as Neilon made that play, the fans coined it the 'Neilon Nudge' and social media was set ablaze. There's a reason Neilon's now giving the fans the chance to have something they'll always remember the play by. Unfortunately, this is likely Neilon's last year playing college ball. Fortunately, though, he's already finishing off his college career at the highest level.