USC Football: ESPN embarrasses itself with atrocious Reggie Bush ranking

Reggie Bush, USC Football, USC Trojans
Reggie Bush, USC Football, USC Trojans / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

USC football's Heisman Trophy-winning running back Reggie Bush is the greatest college football running back of all-time. A majority of barbershop and barstool conversations come to this conclusion. A majority of college football analysts tend to give Bush that praise as well. Still, occasionally, idiots show their faces in this world.

This time, the idiots are over at ESPN+. They not only don't have Bush as the best running back in college football over the last 60 years (ESPN+ subscription required to read their full list), but they have him as the TENTH.

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It's truly unbelievable. How nine (or any) college football running backs in history have been better than a guy who did this on a weekly basis is an all-time blunder:

Two-time USC National Champion Reggie Bush is undeniably the greatest running back in college football history.

USC's Reggie Bush, as everyone remembers (and can see from the above video), was the ultimate cheat code in college football. Nobody could break the ankles he did while also simultaneously having the burners he did. He was a highlight reel every time he touched the ball, whether it was out of the backfield or in the passing game.

Bush was the best player on his final USC team despite being on a squad with a Heisman Trophy-winning, two-time National Champion QB in Matt Leinart, who most consider a top three college QB of all-time (although ESPN+ probably has him at about No. 147).

He even put up 1,740 rushing yards one season where he averaged an insane 8.7 yards per carry and scored 16 rushing touchdowns. He also tacked on 478 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns to make that 2,218 all-purpose yards and 18 total touchdowns.

He did this, again, when the passing game in front of him was quarterbacked by LEINART, and weapons on the outside were DWAYNE JARRETT (91 catches/1,274 yards/16 touchdowns) and STEVE SMITH (60 catches/957 yards/5 touchdowns). To be able to put up this type of season despite the offense being this pass-heavy is absurd for a running back.

When has anyone else on this list done anything remotely close to that? Well, nobody, and that's not even counting the other MAJOR factor going against Bush during this campaign: The other running back on the roster. Bush put up those numbers while competing with LENDALE WHITE in the backfield with him.

Yes, White, who had an unreal 1,302 rushing yards (1,521 total yards), and a godlike 24(!) rushing touchdowns (26 total touchdowns) in that season. For Bush to do what he did in 2005 was herculean compared to even the very best of the best running backs in college football on the list with him, when considering how many other elite options were on the field with him. In White's case, they were even in the same backfield as him.

So again, I ask who on this list has had a season even comparable to Bush's when actually understanding HOW he was somehow able to put up these numbers with the situation around him. Can anyone even imagine how many yards and touchdowns Bush would have been able to put up if he didn't have an all-star team of weapons surrounding him to take touches, yards, and touchdowns away from him?

Here's their full, ludicrous top 10:

1. Barry Sanders

Oklahoma State

2. Archie Griffin

Ohio State

3. Herschel Walker


4. Ricky Williams


5. O.J. Simpson


6. Tony Dorsett


7. Mike Rozier


8. Bo Jackson


9. Earl Campbell


10. Reggie Bush


Surely, everyone's noticed the elephant in the room here, so it's time to discuss it...Bush has MULTIPLE National Championships. Not only can nobody on the list relate, but Bush has almost as many National Titles as the entire list COMBINED. Bush has two National Championships. Only Simpson, Dorsett, and Walker even have one.

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So Bush won far more than anybody on this list, and performed better than anyone on this list in less opportunities, yet barely cracks it? This list is a joke. Whoever made it obviously doesn't know their college football history, and should not be putting together lists like this ever again.