Has USC Football's awful injury luck continued with no Mario Williams?

Mario Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Mario Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football entered this game against Arizona without its WR1 in Jordan Addison, and apparently may be playing this game without its WR2 in Mario Williams. Williams is yet to have entered the game through the first three drives for the Trojans. This truly is the worst possible luck for SC, if Williams is hurt.

Not only are the Trojans without their top wideout in this game, but they're also without their starting Left Guard in Andrew Vorhees, their starting Rush End in Korey Foreman, and two of their three top linebackers in Eric Gentry and Ralen Goforth. Williams is out there on the sideline, and wasn't known to be injured, yet has not entered the game through the first quarter-plus.

Perhaps he was suspended for the first half? Nobody knows what's going on. The only thing that anybody knows is that it's not ideal for Williams not to be out there. He has 493 receiving yards this year despite being the No. 2 wideout on the team, and on a team that has tons of weapons up and down the offensive roster.

He's posting a 19 yards per reception average, proving his worth as a dominant deep threat. He was hot too, as in the last two games he had a two touchdown performance, and then a 145 yard performance. He put up the 145 yards last game, in the contest Addison got hurt during. He was due for another huge game.

Luckily, USC Football has performed well on offense without Mario Williams so far.

Currently, USC Football has generated 168 yards via the air through their first three drives without Mario Williams. They've scored twice, and put up 17 points in these first three drives. Tahj Washington has seemingly taken Williams' place, as he's posted five receptions for 66 receiving yards. Those are both team-highs.

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Brenden Rice has caught a touchdown pass, as did Raleek Brown. They've been spreading the ball, as seven different players have at least one reception. SC could always really use their first two receivers, but they seem to be able to generate passing offense even without them on the field. Hopefully that continues if Williams never ends up coming in.