USC football absolutely raids Pac-12, steals 2 great RBs from conference opponents

Dec 29, 2021; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Oregon Ducks running back Travis Dye (26) has just transferred to the USC football program.
Dec 29, 2021; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Oregon Ducks running back Travis Dye (26) has just transferred to the USC football program. / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

USC football continues to plunder the Pac-12 with big-time transfer additions; this time them being running backs Austin Jones from Stanford and Travis Dye (!) from Oregon.

Both Jones and Dye will be making impacts on the SC football roster next year, and will be in position to compete for significant playing time. And as for Dye, I already expect him to get a huge bulk of the snaps at RB next year. We all remember Dye from his playing days at Oregon, and his unfortunate successes against SC.

He's on our squad now, and is coming off of a monster year. Dye averaged six yards per carry for 1,271 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. That production is nothing short of outstanding, and that's not even accounting for what he did in the receiving game.

He caught 46 passes for 402 yards, and added two touchdowns in the passing game. His rushing yard total was second in the conference this past season, his yards per carry was third, and his rushing touchdown number was second. He led the league in yards from scrimmage, he was second in touchdowns from scrimmage, and was also second in points scored (108).

Travis Dye, as well as Austin Jones being picked up show how serious USC football is about winning.

The USC football program has just stolen the best back on both Oregon, and Stanford's roster. And going back to Dye, he didn't just prove that he's one of the best backs in the conference last year. This is the same guy who was also third in the conference in yards per carry in 2020 too (6.9).

He was third in receiving touchdowns in 2020 (4), proving how amazing of a threat he'll be in a Lincoln Riley offense that not only loves to run the ball, but loves to dish it to the backs through the air as well. Dye is what we are hoping Raleek Brown will also become.

Heck, he was top ten in the conference in receptions this year. He averaged 26.6 yards per catch in 2020, and has also never had less than a 5.3 yards per carry average in his career. And, that 5.3 was in his freshman year, where he still rushed for 739 yards.

But, I don't want to skip over Jones either. Jones is another great receiving back who caught 32 passes this past season for 267 yards. The former four-star recruit (all recruiting rankings and ratings in article are as of 247Sports), Jones' break-out year was 2020, where he hauled in 21 catches for 156 yards in just a six-game season.

The No. 7 RB nationally in the 2019 recruiting class, Jones led the Pac-12 in touchdowns in 2020 with nine. He was a top 18 California recruit in his class, and has also been a threat on the ground before.

He averaged 5 yards per carry in 2019 and 4.4 in 2020. He's more than just a receiving threat and a touchdown vulture. USC football has been absolutely obliterating everybody on the transfer trail, and now ranks as the No. 2 transfer class in the country (13th overall 2022 recruiting + transfer class).

And don't expect it to end anytime soon. Domani Jackson, our No. 7 overall 2022 recruit in the nation who decommitted from Alabama to sign with Riley, made it clear that the wins are going to keep coming.

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