USC football hands out new numbers to freshmen and transfer spring enrollees

USC football transfer K.D. Nixon.
USC football transfer K.D. Nixon. / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

USC football's updated 2021 roster includes new numbers for freshman and transfer additions who will participate in Spring Camp.

Spring Camp for USC football is just around the corner, which means it's time for a brand new roster to be released.

The Trojans haven't officially dropped their Spring Prospectus, which will include all the relevant information on the team going into practices, but they have updated the online version of the roster. Hat tip to Antonio Morales of The Athletic for noticing.

The roster includes numbers for all of the new additions, including spring enrollees from USC's recruiting class of 2021 and transfers.

New Numbers on USC Football's 2021 Roster

No. 2 - QB Jaxson Dart
No. 6 - QB Miller Moss
No. 13 - WR Michael Jackson III
No. 15 - S Anthony Beavers Jr.
No. 21 - WR K.D. Nixon*
No. 24 - ILB Julien Simon
No. 25 - TB Brandon Campbell
No. 27 - S Calen Bullock
No. 28 - S Xamarion Gordon
No. 28 - TB Keaontay Ingram*
No. 29 - S Xavion Alford*
No. 42 - DL Ishmael Sopsher*
No. 87 - TE Lake McRee
No. 93 - DL Jay Toia

What interesting tidbits can be found in USC's new roster? Linebacker Palaie Gaoteote, who has been in the transfer portal since December, is still included. So is suspended wide receiver Munir McClain.

McClain's presence creates a number conflict as quarterback Jaxson Dart is also slated to wear No. 2 this year.

That's not the only head-scratching duplicate. Both wide receiver Joshua Jackson Jr. and new quarterback Miller Moss are listed under No. 6. Cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart is returning with the number on defense as well. Something is going to have to give there.

Receiver Michael Jackson III is also creating a number triplicate. He, cornerback Adonis Otey and walk on QB Isaac Ward will all wear No. 13.

Safety Anthony Beavers Jr. will share Drake London's No. 15 while Julien Simon, confirmed as an inside linebacker, will double up with punter Ben Griffiths' No. 24. At No. 25, running back Brandon Campbell will take on Ronald Jones II's old number opposite safety Briton Allen.

The 20s have a few more additions to note. Safeties Calen Bullock and Xamarion Gordon will don No. 27 and No. 28 respectively.

Tight end Lake McRee picked up No. 87 for himself while Jay Toia will also take sole ownership of No. 93.

At Texas, safety Xavion Alford wore No 4, but that number is taken by nickelback Max Williams, so he's taking on No. 29 to match running back Vavae Malepeai. Fellow former Longhorn Keaontay Ingram is also trying on a new number. He was No. 26, and there's no one on offense wearing that number at USC, but he will now rock No. 28.

Ishmael Sopsher was No. 95 with Alabama. Like Ingram, instead of taking his old number, he'll embrace the weighty legacy of the No. 42 with USC instead.

Ex-Colorado wide receiver K.D. Nixon didn't have the option to keep his No. 3 since it's retired. He's picked up No. 21 as a fitting replacement. Two plus one is three, after all.

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