USC basketball reset the Kansas record books with an utterly dominant performance

USC basketball annihilated Kansas.
USC basketball annihilated Kansas. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

USC basketball didn't just beat the Kansas Jayhawks to advance to the Sweet 16, they gave them their worst NCAA Tournament loss in more ways than one.

In the 17 years Bill Self has coached Kansas, his worst tournament loss was 16 points, according to Max Meyer. On Monday night in the Round of 32, USC basketball won by 34, more than doubling that previous total.

To call USC's demolition of the Jayhawks historic would be an understatement.

The Jayhawks had never been beaten so soundly in the Big Dance in their history. Back in the 1940 national title game, Kansas lost to Indiana by 18 points, per Paul Carr. That's now their second-worst tournament loss of all time, by a wide margin.

But wait! There's more. ESPN Stats & Info looked at the entirety of Kansas basketball history. USC's curb-stomping was one of just eight 30-point losses and the third-worst ever.

If you're going to take down a college basketball blue blood, that's the way to do it.

USC basketball ticked all the boxes in a historic win over Kansas

Before the game, Reign of Troy highlighted three keys to beating Kansas. Of course, when we suggested sending everything through Evan Mobley, crashing the boards, and making sure free throws weren't a factor, we didn't expect the Trojans to deliver quite so thoroughly.

Mobley was a beast despite scoring just 10 points. He didn't need to with a team-best five assists to go along with 13 rebounds, a steal and three blocks. As it turned out, Isaiah Mobley was the star of the show with 17 points, including four three-pointers.

The Trojans are dangerous enough with Evan, but if Isaiah Mobley delivers more performances like that, there is no ceiling for this team.

USC definitely dominated on the glass. They outrebounded Kansas 43-27. Only Texas had more rebounds in a game against the Jayhawks this season.

Finally, free throws didn't come into play at all. Sure, the Trojans were still abysmal at them, hitting 10-of-17, but winning by 34 is by far the best way to take a 58.8 percent free throw percentage and make it irrelevant.

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