USC Basketball makes 4-star pickups official in early signing period

Andy Enfield, USC Basketball, USC Trojans
Andy Enfield, USC Basketball, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Early signing period started in college basketball on Wednesday, and USC Basketball certainly got busy. The Trojans had two recruits to try to lock up, and both of them being four-stars (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports).

Those two are Silas Demary Jr. and Arrinten Page. Sure enough, they did end up officially signing both of them by Thursday. Demary was signed on Wednesday, and Page was signed on Thursday. Demary and Page make up the No. 30 recruiting class in the country for the Trojans.

This is of course not very good, but with SC the favorite for the No. 4 player in the country (Isaiah Collier), it appears that this foundation could actually set up the second consecutive elite class from SC Head Coach Andy Enfield. Last year, Enfield brought in the No. 7 class in all of America. This year, he could produce a similar class, and it all of course starts with the two he's already officially signed.

Demary is the No. 15 Combo Guard in the nation. It meant a lot to be able to poach a player from North Carolina. As the No. 3 player in the entire state of NC, USC knows they're getting a good one, too.

He's the No. 102 player in all of America, and is going to have a lot of fun dishing the ball to Page, who's the No. 8 Center in the country. He's also from the South (Georgia), proving that Enfield knows how to recruit nationally. He's the No. 6 player in his state, and shook off offers from Indiana, Florida, and Cincinnatti to play for the Trojans.

USC Basketball has a higher average recruit rating than 17 of the teams ahead of them in the overall recruiting rankings.

Therefore, Demary and Page have proven to be very high-quality additions for USC Basketball. The quality of the recruits is not the problem, but the quantity. Again, if SC signs Collier this month, that will change. Two of the three PAC-12 teams ahead of USC in the recruiting rankings have five-star recruits (Oregon and Stanford).

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Five-stars are what the Trojans are missing, so if they pick up Collier, they'll be able to hang with those two squads at the top of the PAC, and at least pass UCLA in the rankings (they're only one spot ahead of the Trojans in the national rankings). These signings didn't already cement USC to having a big class this year, but they did set up SC with a strong foundation to do so.