USC basketball dubbed the biggest threat to Gonzaga

USC basketball stars Evan Mobley and Isaiah Mobley.
USC basketball stars Evan Mobley and Isaiah Mobley. / John McCoy/Getty Images

According to a Fox Bet Live analyst, USC basketball poses the greatest threat to No. 1 overall seed Gonzaga if the Trojans can make it to the Elite Eight.

When it comes to March Madness, it's important not to get ahead of yourself. Take each game one at a time and all that jazz.

But USC basketball's Sweet 16 matchup is still days away and sometimes the future is just too juicy to ignore.

If - IF - USC manages to best Oregon on Sunday, the Trojans could be in for the ride of a lifetime. Why? Because Gonzaga likely awaits in the Elite Eight and USC may just have it in them to beat the No. 1 overall seed.

Gonzaga doesn't want to face USC basketball in the Elite Eight

On Fox Bet Live, Sal Iacono highlighted USC as the biggest threat to the Zags.

"I think they give Gonzaga trouble whenever they play that game. Yes, that's going to be the matchup," Iacono said. "The bigs inside are going to take care of Gonzaga, you heard it here first."

Iacono is a big fan of Evan and Isaiah Mobley, whose performance paved the way for USC's stunning beatdown of Kansas. They will be the key to any more shocks the Trojans are able to pull off in the NCAA Tournament.

It'll take something special from the Mobley brothers to ensure USC gets a shot at Gonzaga in the first place. First things first, they'll need to get by Oregon.

The Ducks don't really have an answer to USC's length. Starting center N'Faly Dante is out for the season with injury, leaving Oregon to rely on a small ball lineup.

Last time they met, Oregon tried to deploy Frenck Kepnang as an answer to Evan Mobley, but the Trojans still ran away in a 72-58 victory despite Isaiah Mobley sitting out. USC outrebounded Oregon 35-25, using their length to their advantage.

There's even more on the line in Sunday's matchup, so the Trojans need to be ready for Oregon's best shot. Then, they can start to dream about the Final Four.

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