Ugly report drops about USC football rivals' chances at following Trojans to Big Ten

Brandon Pili, USC Football, USC Trojans
Brandon Pili, USC Football, USC Trojans / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

After the news of the USC Trojans moving to the Big Ten conference dropped on Friday, more news dropped regarding the other teams that wanted to tag along.

UCLA will officially be making the move as well, but Ryan Kartje of the LA Times reported that sources have told the LA Times that no other Big Ten teams will also be making the move.

This is notable, because it had been reported that other Pac-12 teams had been interested in going to the Big Ten and looking to get in contact with the conference about making a switch. They likely thought that if the lowly program like UCLA was able to go, they too could be able to make the move.

The reality, however, is that while UCLA is a very sorry football program, they come with the L.A. market. The Big Ten added Rutgers several years ago so that they could secure the New York market. They added Maryland to secure the Maryland/D.C./mid-Atlantic region too.

They want to expand their horizons to make more money, and preferably in bigger markets. If they can take another team in the L.A. market, they are going to do it.

USC football will still be playing their two biggest rivals every year in the Big Ten, though.

While the element of tradition of USC football playing in the Pac-12 and playing against their traditional Pac-12 opponents will be gone, their two biggest rivals will still be on the schedule every year.

Arash Markazi of the LA Times reports that not only will SC play the Bruins every year in the two teams' new conference, but that this conference change won't affect the scheduling of their arch rival Notre Dame:

It's unclear as to what the following dominos will be after this move, or if there even will be dominos to all after this move. Or, perhaps more conference realignment WILL follow, but it will not be in the near future and a bit later.

SC, however, can celebrate the fact that they will be in a better conference that will make them more money, while also getting out of the embarrassing Pac-12 media deal and finally won't have to play all their games late at night when the voters are asleep.

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They also won't have to sweat about too much of their tradition going away, with their two most historical rivalries remaining intact.