UCLA celebration proves they're nowhere near USC football as a program

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USC football "rival" UCLA beat South Alabama by one point (32-31) on Saturday, and celebrated like the 'South' in front of 'South Alabama' was not even there. Check out the wild celebration that was posted on Twitter after the Bruins' Week 3 contest here:

Now, imagine USC doing this. Imagine how heavily criticized USC would be if they celebrated like this over a one-point victory against a Group of Five team that went 5-7 last year. This was not only just a celebration, but a party in the locker room.

Just imagine the reaction if USC went popping water bottles, jumping in unison, screaming in unison, and chanting in unison over a one-point win against South Alabama. Funny enough, Reign of Troy's own Alicia de Artola Castillo brought this up on Twitter:

It's true. USC would have been annihilated into oblivion on Twitter if this happened in their locker room. It goes to show how low the standards of the awful UCLA program are.

It's interesting, because UCLA wants to be on the same level as USC, and go to the Big Ten like USC, and talk trash to USC on the field like they try to do. Unfortunately for them, however, the reality is that the Bruins just aren't even close to the type of program USC is.

Programs who have prestige, like USC football, do not celebrate embarrassing 'wins' like that.

USC football wouldn't even treat a one-point win over South Alabama like a win at all. But, when a program is like UCLA and hasn't finished ranked in a season since 2014, beating South Alabama by one point is apparently a huge accomplishment. When a program is like UCLA and has not won the conference since 1998, beating South Alabama by one point is apparently a huge accomplishment.

Thank goodness that USC's standards aren't even remotely close to even being in the same stratosphere of UCLA's.

USC just went through a string of 12 years with mediocre (at best) head coaching, yet still won a conference in that time period, still won a Rose Bowl in that time period, and still had double-digit wins (or on-pace for double-digit wins if a full season was played in 2020) five times in those 12 seasons.

UCLA, on the other hand, has won double-digit games two times in the last 16 years. They have not won a Rose Bowl at any point in the last 36 years. They have finished ranked twice in the last 16 seasons. USC with Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and Clay Helton at the helm have finished ranked six times in the last 12 years.

Keep in mind that this was even after USC was hit with the Death Penalty, which not only took tons of scholarships away from USC for no reason, but also prevented them from playing in Pac-12 Championship Games and Bowl Games for two postseasons. They still were significantly better than the Bruins over that time period.

Again, the standards are so wildly different between USC and UCLA that it's not even funny. Although, some couldn't hold their laughter after watching that celebration. Ex-USC Tight End Randall Telfer thought it was hysterical. It's hard to blame him:

Why is this notable in particular? Because UCLA wanted to follow USC into the Big Ten. However, if UCLA is barely beating bad Group of Five teams by one point, they're clearly nowhere near ready for a big boy conference. And one of the biggest reasons that insiders have cited UCLA being allowed to go into the Big Ten is their relationship and connection to USC.

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They want to be joined at the hip with USC. They want to be on the same level as USC. However, the big brother is so far ahead of the little one in Los Angeles that all UCLA going to the Big Ten could mean is a free win for the Trojans. After all, USC does lead the all-time series 49-33-7. So much for the tight "rivalry."

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