Is this USC email address proof that Caleb Williams is already enrolled as a Trojan?

Caleb Williams is rumored to have already enrolled at USC.
Caleb Williams is rumored to have already enrolled at USC. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

Recently, Twitter user Hollywood Lincoln (@LASportsFanatic) found that there is a USC email for someone named 'Caleb Williams:'

Now, while it is possible that there is someone else who simply has the name 'Caleb Williams' (Hollywood Lincoln pointed that out in another tweet), it set the internet ablaze.

Because the reality is, there hasn't been any proof that this email is not already owned by a student. This isn't even considering the fact that Williams has been almost entirely expected to be heading to the USC football program for weeks now. All of the crystal ball predictions from 247Sports have him headed to the Trojans.

Everything appears to be coming together for many, and is sparking more and more hype around the Williams to USC rumors. Our own Alicia de Artola provided some reasoning behind why this could all be nothing:

"It could even be a misunderstanding of logistics. The email could have been reserved the same way a professional sports team might pick up possible website URLs and Twitter usernames before deciding their new mascot. With Williams waiting so long to make a decision, the window to get him enrolled in classes will be tight. Legwork could get done before the Trojans even have an answer."

Alicia de Artola, FanSided

This goes to show that it does indeed remain unclear if Caleb Williams has enrolled at USC yet.

De Artola certainly pointed out what is a possible situation surrounding USC just trying to make sure they can reserve Caleb Williams' email and preparing for him to transfer on a tight deadline. I don't want to sound like I'm pushing back, because that would make sense. I do, however, wonder just how hard it would be to add an email address last minute.

I would assume it's not the most difficult thing to do, at least in comparison to the other steps in enrolling someone for classes. Now, that could also play into Alicia's point as well though, in that there are so many steps to enrolling a student that the university decided to just get a head start on some of the easier tasks they can get going on at this moment.

I do think, however, that SC would have no problem with dropping everything and getting Williams enrolled the moment he would announce his transfer to SC, and therefore I'm not sure they would worry about not having time to get him registered and everything when the time comes. He would be the priority no matter what. Still, what de Artola brings up is certainly in play.

I'm just as confused as anyone by this, but it does mean that there's a chance he's either being enrolled at USC, or likely enough to the point where the school is preparing for him to register very soon. After all, today is the last day one can register for the spring. While Williams will win the job whether he plays with us in the spring or not, a QB would greatly benefit from playing with the team in spring camp and gaining chemistry with the players and coaches.

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Perhaps Williams knows this, and has already made the move to SC.