Stud USC Football Safety commit selected to play in prestigious 2023 event

Donte Williams, USC Trojans, USC Football
Donte Williams, USC Trojans, USC Football / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, USC Football Safety commit Braxton Myers was selected to play in the 2023 Polynesian Bowl. Myers is a four-star safety for the 2023 class (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports). The No. 6 Safety recruit in football, he's also the No. 20 player in the entire state of Texas.

Hailing from Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas, Myers is the No. 108 overall recruit in the nation. To have a player like him representing USC on this stage is a huge deal. The game is going to be broadcasted on NFL Network next year.

This year, SC DB recruits Domani Jackson, Fabian Ross, and Zion Branch participated at the Polynesian Bowl. Next year at the game, Myers will be attending with other 2023 Trojan commits Zachariah Branch, Malachi Nelson, and Makai Lemon.

Those four are the four highest rated recruits in USC's 2023 class (Zachariah, Nelson, and Lemon are even five-stars). It goes to show just how bright SC's future will be. The game will be on January 20th next year and will be in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Braxton Myers heading to the Polynesian Bowl with his USC football brothers is also great branding for this program.

USC football already has tons of recruiting and transfer portal momentum building, and those types of wins obviously always create a snowball effect on the recruiting trail. This is yet another example of SC acting like SC again, and being well-represented where it matters.

According to the Polynesian Bowl's website, the Polynesian Bowl is "Where the world’s top high school football players gather to celebrate culture and play the game they love.” SC is certainly no stranger to the festivities, too. Former Trojan great JuJu Smith-Schuster is an "NFL ambassador" to the game.

It's also a chance to play for some people who are important in this game. Last year, the two head coaches were high school/college QB guru and Super Bowl champion starting QB Trent Dilfer, and another Super Bowl champion in Doug Williams, who is also currently a Senior Vice President of player development with the NFL's Washington Commanders.

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It's huge news for both the USC football program AND Myers personally. He'll have one last shot to become a better player and put his talents on display before it's time to head up to the Coli and join the squad for spring camp.