Star USC football alum Robert Woods delivers savage Eli Apple roast in Super Bowl

Robert Woods, USC football
Robert Woods, USC football / Harry How/GettyImages

Robert Woods unfortunately couldn't play in the Super Bowl on Sunday due to injury, but the USC football alum still bodied a cornerback during the game, just like he would have if he were playing.

After Cooper Kupp scored the game-winning touchdown for the Los Angeles Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals, Woods delivered quite the roast of the corner who was covering Kupp:

Of course, this is in reference to Kupp beating Eli Apple on the route. Apple was a target of ridicule all night for his rough performance in the game. He is seen by many fans and players around the league as a trash-talker, so people got pretty ruthless when he lost the game.

Robert Woods was injured, but the former USC football receiver still won a Super Bowl ring.

It's a shame that the former USC football star, Robert Woods, couldn't play in the game, but he still made quite the stir with his comments on Eli Apple after the last play.

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After all, the Rams credited Woods for the franchise getting to this point all week, and LA QB Matthew Stafford even said that he IS the franchise:

Woods is a class act, and even made other headlines during the game, just from being the great teammate that he is:

While Woods was playing this season, he was unstoppable as always. In nine games, he came down with 45 catches for 556 yards and four touchdowns despite the Rams being so loaded with other weapons. He was on pace for his fourth straight 85+ catch season, a career-high seven receiving touchdowns, and his third 1,000 yard receiving season in four years.

USC's depth chart after Caleb, Mario Williams. dark. Next

He also had eight carries for 46 yards and a touchdown, as he's been a part of the Rams' rushing game for each of the past four years. He'll be back next year, and ready to push for another Super Bowl run in the 2022-2023 season. They'll immediately have a better team on-paper with one of the best Trojan wide receivers of all-time.