PFF stat proves Caleb Williams is carrying USC Football in red zone

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

PFF shared on Twitter that USC Football QB1 Caleb Williams is leading the Power 5 with 21 red zone passing touchdowns. Interestingly, he scored two more rushing touchdowns after that tweet was posted on Friday. He's now up to 23 red zone passing touchdowns.

Everyone knew that Williams has a talent for findinig the end zone, as he has thrown 31 TD's on the year. He's clearly about as clutch as it gets, too, as he always knows how to make the defense pay on the most important part of the field. It also goes to show that he's truly carrying the entire offense when it comes to their red zone performance.

That's because SC has not been great in the red zone this season. They're 53rd in the nation with just an .868 red zone percentage. The one thing that has worked in the red zone for the Trojans, though, is Williams.

Nobody in the country has more red zone pass touchdowns than USC. Half of SC's red zone scores are passing touchdowns. That includes rushing touchdowns in the red zone and red zone field goals combined. Not only is he the best player on this team, but he's also the best player up close. Pair this with who he is as a runner, and he's as dominant as it gets in college football.

Caleb Williams is the only QB to have recorded two or more games with two or more rushing touchdowns in the same season for USC Football.

That stat had been kept by USC Football since 1972, and Caleb Williams is the only USC Football quarterback in that time to have completed the impressive feat. It just adds on to the type of player he is in the red zone. He knows how to get the ball in the end zone via his arm, and he can get it done via his legs. He has six total rushing touchdowns on the season.

He also certainly knows how to get to the red zone, as he's averaging 8.8 yards per pass attempt on the season. He doesn't turn the ball over, either, losing two turnovers all year for the Trojans. If USC has the ball, they're probably going to hold onto it.

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And if they hold onto it, they're probably going to generate a lot of yards. In that case, don't be surprised if they wind up in the red zone. And if they wind up in the red zone, don't get caught up in their rough red zone percentage. Be ready for Williams to drop a dime for six. He does it better than anyone.