Paul Finebaum believes Lincoln Riley will be out of USC by season's end

Paul Finebaum continued his verbal grudge against Lincoln Riley on Monday. In a radio appearance, the mouth of the SEC predicted that 2024 will be Riley's last season as USC head coach.
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Paul Finebaum doubled down on his opinion that Lincoln Riley is in a downward spiral in Southern California. In his weekly appearance on the McElroy & Cubelic radio show, Finebaum predicted that the USC head coach would be ousted at season's end.

Cole Cublic started the conversation by recapping the SEC's press conference to introduce Texas and Oklahoma and Joe Castiglione's suggestion that Riley left Oklahoma because he was not interested in SEC migration.

"I don't think Lincoln Riley has a path back," Finebaum commented.

"Lincoln Riley was popular, he was beloved by Oklahoma people... he just tucked and ran. In the parlance of college sports, running away from something is probably the worst look."

Finebaum continued his rant by expressing his opinion of how the perception of Riley has changed in college football.

"The number of players bailing on Lincoln Riley in Southern California is startling. I have always thought he was a really good coach, especially on the offensive side, but I don't think anybody today views him in that same realm."

Finally, the longtime SEC football radio host made a grave prediction about Riley's future as the Trojans' head coach.

"...quite frankly, I think he'll be out of Southern Cal at the end of the season. It's a matter of whether he crashes and burns or whether he decides he's got to seek elsewhere. I don't think there's any way he can be successful there, I think that train has pulled out of the station."

Few USC fans are shocked Paul Finebaum remains hypercritical of a head coach who some believe wanted nothing to do with the SEC. Also, most Trojans fans don't buy the Oklahoma narrative that Riley fears their conference.

The only legitimate criticism of Riley's USC tenure is the lack of impactful recruiting, which results from an apparent discombobulated approach to NIL. We know year three is pivotal for Riley in Southern California, but don't believe he is at risk of losing his job at season's end.

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Nevertheless, the pressure remains on Lincoln Riley to produce this season. The only way the SEC talking heads and loony Sooners stop talking is if the Trojans win in the Big Ten conference.